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For brands or individuals looking for exciting vegan recipes featuring your product or any specific ingredient.

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For brands or individuals looking for custom food photography, videography, editing, or social media promotion.

⋆ Essential Vegan Content

To become fully acquainted with a plant based lifestyle, it’s important to have all the facts. We have hand picked the very best resources there is to offer – trust us, we’ve tried them all!

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We want to get to know you! If you have a question or are looking for support, we are available 24/7 to respond to your inquiry.

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We are not professional chefs by any means, and you don’t have to be either! We have picked up super helpful techniques that make cooking a breeze.

⋆ Accessible Ingredients

We understand there are certain ingredients and brands that may not be available in your area – we have done our best to pick ingredients that are fairly universal, but if you need help with modifications or an allergy shoot us a message and we will work it out with you.

3 Reasons to go Vegan

Good Health

Transitioning to a whole foods, plant-based diet has had a tremendously positive effect on my physical and mental well-being. Some notable benefits include increased energy, clear skin, balanced hormones, reduced anxiety, and improved digestion.


Modern food production is extremely stressful to our fragile environment so much so that if we continue eating the way we do, the planet will crumble before our very eyes. Mass meat production is one of the leading causes of global warming, the fertilizer that is used to feed the excessive amount of farm animals increases chemicals in our water supply, and overfishing has a hugely negative effect on our ocean’s ecosystem.


Veganism in essence is leading a lifestyle that avoids cruelty, suffering, and exploitation of animals. We can prevent and lessen animal cruelty by making ethical choices including the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the products we use, and the companies we support.

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3 Reasons to go Vegan